Talent Management System

Take control of your recruitment process

TMS allows employers to create, promote and manage all their vacancies, application and interview, all in one place whilst also being GDPR compliant.

Image depicting employees interacting with candidate profiles

Discover and Retain Talent

Leverage past applicants and attract the best candidates, then follow them through the entire process.

Hired Applicants have their profiles automatically transitioned to a Staff profile with their full records and details in place.

Image depicting the 360 degree cycle of career progression

Less Admin
Simplify your workflow

TMS gives you a range of features to help you tackle repetitive tasks in the office and on the move:

  • Templated and editable job posts
  • Prefilled and written interview emails
  • Advance or reject candidates with just one click
  • GDPR compliant
  • Analytics tools and real time reports
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Discovery made simple

With one click post your Jobs to:

  • Your own online portal
  • Social channels
  • Industry associations
  • External job boards

Promotion channel options including social and LinkedIn

Customised to your approach

Each new vacancy may require a different approach. TMS gives you the flexibility to adapt to different environments quickly and easily.

Build and customise the recruitment process to suit you and your team's workflow

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